Mom On-The-Go


Boyce is only 4 weeks away so I am preparing myself for all of the baby “stuff” to come out of storage and how I am going to get everything from here to there. Who else has trouble in their cars fitting two carseats in the backseat? In our current SUVs, the carseats fit but our knees are basically touching the dashboard. And good luck trying to fit anyone else in the backseat. Because of this, my eyes have been wide open for a “cool” mom car that keeps its sporty look but still has the functionality (and storage!) for busy moms like me.

I recently did a test drive with the Acura MDX and really liked it! Below I am breaking down the features that were spot on:

  • The backseats slide backwards. – All moms rejoice! Both mom and kids have extra leg room – win win.
  • The backseat is spacious and has a collapsable third row. – I fit 2 carseats, Boyce’s stroller and a YETI cooler in the car and still had extra room to work with. Middle school carpool, I’m ready for you. (Just kidding.. Babies, stay little.)
  • The center console is super spacious and concealed. – I can fit my entire purse in it. Would be a great place to stuff mom essentials.
  • It has a heated steering wheel. – This is a thing now!? I know it is only cold in Dallas for a few months, but I love this feature.
  • The seats can cool and heat. – Tacking onto the heated steering wheel, the cooling seats in the summer heat will be a lifesaver.
  • There are 2 screens. – Having the 2 screens really does make everything so much easier! You can keep your navigation up and still control everything else. Not to mention,  it has the birds eye camera which is perfect for parking.

Being a full-time working mom of two is hard enough, we don’t need the extra stress of limited backseat space and not enough storage getting from here to there. I love being able to quickly pack up the hubs, kids, pups, cooler and head for a drive around the lake. It really is those small precious moments we live for.



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