MLLE Mademoiselle // MY NEW BIKINI

black mlle mademoiselle bikini, amber venz, venzedits

While trolling Instagram, the source of 70% of my fashion news (and the location of 90% of my original content), I stumbled across a new retailer: MLLE Mademoiselle. Their look book is more than inspiring; the photography, models and product are the stuff of my fashion dreams (so naturally, I bought the black bikini).

MLLE Mademoiselle bikini dessert photo shoot

mlle mademoiselle,, amber venz, venzedits

mlle mademoiselle desert picture, amber venz, venzedits, bikini, girl, beautifulF1100003-3_1024x1024 model on car, mlle mademoiselle, amber venz, venzedits