So we were feeling a bit editorial here- but don’t you like us to mix it up sometimes?

Here is one for our die-hard fashionistas- its FRIDAY afterall!!

When we saw this beaded Robert Rodriguez jumper onsale for $180 at Neiman Marcus Last Call (the one in Inwood Village for Dallasites) we HAD TO HAVE IT!

Yes, it is a bit more daring than our usual looks, but we were feeling SPICY!

Because this little beaded number is like a piece of jewelry itself, simple accessories were all that was needed. We threw on a black stretch bow belt that we made a while ago, but if your not so crafty, try this one by Forever 21 (its actually more adorable and only $8.80).

Every girl should have a pair of cat-eye glasses by now, but incase you dont, we do not suggest going out and buying a pair of wayfarers. We are NOT saying that if you already have them that you should stop wearing them, we are just suggesting that you not purchase a pair that was hyper-popular a few years ago. Instead, step out and grab a flattering pair that no one else has, like these retro shades by Marc by Marc Jacobs (they are cheaper than the wayfarers anyway).

As for our Prada ombre bag, that was purchased a few years ago on SALE at Barneys for around $299. If you can wait until the christmas sales to find a treasure like this, do so. If not, add a splash of color to this outfit with a red Prada wristlet.

VENZedits tip: You can only show one label per outfit, so choose wisely and DO NOT BE A LABEL WHORE!

For the jumpsuit itself, you have two options: 1. call Last Call and get the same crazy one 2. tone it down a notch and try this similar version by Twelfth St.

Photography by Courtney Teesdale