Mexico City Guide

I met Baxter, my husband, just before he went to grad school at SMU. During his time there, he met some of his best guy friends and every year, that group takes a boys trip to a city in Mexico. Usually they go to Mexico City, although one year they were inspired by the trip we took for my 25th birthday and went to Oaxaca (if you have not yet been there are you love culture, you MUST go. And…the only way to go is with our friend, @Oaxaking- the world’s best and most affordable tour guide). ​
Anyway…this year, “the girls” were invited on the trip (nearly all of the guys are now married or engaged) and we went to Mexico City.
I really did not know what to expect for this trip. I knew that the boys always had fun down there, and that we would have fun, I just did not know what that would look like. The weather also threw me for a loop. 50-70 degrees fahrenheit in July? What do you pack for that? Is it comfortably warm? or super chilly? And I was told to not bring nice jewelry…so should I not dress cute as to not draw attention? What were the other girls going to do?
Now I know: dress as adorable as you would like during the day- ladies in Mexico City are very chic. And wear your jewelry. I was never scared, but it is worth noting that we were deliberate about where we hung out and who drove us there.
I now LOVE Mexico City but I think it would be hard to fall in love if you did not know what to do there, so I wanted to share our itinerary with you so that you can enjoy it the way we did – with a local perspective.

– Eliuh (small shop next to Frida Kahlo and Diego Riviera’s House)
– Yakampot: (@yakampot) in Polanco
– Lago: (@lago_df) in Polanco
– Onora: @onoracasa
– Saturday Market- Stackpole where there is a series of small boutiques.


– Caralarga (@caralarga_mx): (we all bought these cotton earrings)


– San Angel Inn – Classic Mexican
– Contramar- Best place for a long boozy brunch.


– Hotel Condesa df (where we stayed)


– Ruins in the city center
– National Palace
– National Museum of Anthropology

​Our itinerary:

  • Thursday:
    • Museums/ Palace
    • Shopping in Polanco
      • Yakampot
      • Lago
    • Dinner at XYZ
  • Friday:
    • Walk around the city
      • churches
      • ruins
      • coffee over the city
    • All day lunch at Contramar (2PM-10PM)
  • Saturday:
    • Go to San Angel for shopping and lunch
      • Start at Stackpole
      • Walk up the hill to the Saturday market
    • Go to Frida’s house
    • Mexican lunch (2PM) at San Angel Inn​
The peso has been hit, so prices are about half of what they were a year ago – this is a great time to go visit Mexico from the States!
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