Meet the new GOTM, Krystal Schelegel- our modern day Grace Kelly.

Whether you have four grandchildren or four years left of college, Krystal sets the tone for what a modern lady should act like, dress like and speak like. Her femininity is a lost art.

Do you know anyone who graduated from the Catherine Mueller Flower School in Paris? Neither did I.

She is barely 21 but she has graduated from the Kim Dawson Studio Actors Conservatory Advanced modeling school, made her debut in the International Debutante Ball of New York City  and the Dallas Symphony Debutante Ball (wearing Carolina Herrera), interned in Public Relations for Neiman Marcus, wrote a monthly column in Envy magazine, blogged for and interned with the American Film institute.

I’m out of breath.

Need more? She hosted the opening of the Christian Louboutin store in Dallas (can’t wait to show you the shoes Christian gave her!), is a brand ambassador for Vogue… and she loves her yorki-poo, Buddy, and writing her fashion, style, entertaining and travel blog,

Now for a little about her look

With the aforementioned resume you can imagine that Krystal spends a lot of her time in front of others. Work and play appropriate, her equestrian ensemble is something that we all can achieve.

She cleverly filled the neckline of this Tory Burch corsage cardi (which she layered with a Vince heathered tank for coverage) with a printed cashmere scarf. Instead of riding pants, she wears her favorite skinny jeans (flattering for us all) and a pair of neutral Tory Burch heels.

Then come the mah-jor accessories

VE: Tell me a little bit about your bag.

KS: My Birkin was a gift from my parents for my 18th birthday and acceptance into Southern Methodist University. When I met Molly Sims last year she had the same one. She named hers Betty and told me, “Betty never sits on the ground.” In the book Bringing Home the Birkin it is called the “starter Birkin.”

VE: And what is the story on the scarf?

KS: I love scarves and almost always have one with me; they are perfect for travel. I picked this one for Christmas because blue is my favorite color and Hermes lasts a lifetime.

VE Frugal Tip: Portero has tons of used and vintage Hermes scarves- if a new one (running between $400-$1000) is not in your budget, you can still get the look and no one will ever know (unless you are a discount bragger, like me).

More from Krystal to come.