I tend to stumble and trip all over maxi skirts and to be honest, I have never been a huge fan of the casual long skirt.

This season I have opted for maxi pants; to me, they are much sexier, less of a bag, and can be dressy or casual. Can’t you just see a magazine editor taking large strides down a Manhattan sidewalk in these bad boys? Sunglasses and silky hair required.

I wore mine with a boxy grey v-neck sweater from Forever 21. Tuck in one side of oversized pieces like mine to show your waistline. My double-wrap belt added a bit of texture and helped to define my shape.

To accessorize I embraced the bohemian tendencies of this look and wore a set of brass African Child necklaces and the Jingle bracelet. Do not be temped to layer up every camp bracelet you ever made- a real gypsy stack will completely cheapen your look.

Here are a few VENZedits approved options on the maxi pant:

Photography by Daniel Driensky.