Two weeks ago I went to Oahu, Hawaii and I did not pack any swimsuits because I was over all of them. My collection looked the same then as it did for my high school senior trip. Tired.

Once I got there, my first purchase was the Vix Bia bikini that all of the celebs have been wearing. The stories are true- it really is flattering.

  • Lindley

    i bought that in a tie dye print for an Easter family pool party and love it – the perfect amount of appropriate coverage!

  • Christena

    I’ll be getting one for Nessa ;)) Thanks for the heads up. I like that bikini, its very 70’s Raquel Welsh! ­čśë

  • Megan Abigail Chandler

    Thanks for the new bathing suit idea! Mine are about 100 years old.

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