How To Make Your Bedroom Feel More Zen

amber venz box bedroom

A few months ago, I decided to give our master bedroom a facelift. We turned our single closet doors into double doors, swapped for chrome door knobs, updated our lamps, pulled out our nice bedding and reorganized our bedside tables. All of these changes made a huge difference in the overall feel of our room, but if you aren’t looking to do a complete facelift, there are still some small things that will have you sleeping better and will have you wanting to jump right into bed the minute you get home from work.

  • Make your bed before you leave the house. There are studies that prove by making your bed every morning creates a reaction of positive and productive habits. And I must say, I do see a difference in my productivity throughout the day after I make up the bed in the morning.
  • Wash your sheets more frequently.┬áI know we are all busy people but is there any better feeling than clean sheets?
  • Add a new candle. A new fresh scent can change the entire ambiance of the room. Go for a scent you haven’t tried before! I am guilty of always choosing the same candle.. but I have been wanting to try something with a little more ‘woody’ smell.
  • Add in a new throw. Throws are a great way to change up the vibe. Are you wanting to experiment with some color but don’t want to commit to anything too serious? Throw pillows and blankets are a great way to try them out! This blanket comes in almost every color and is affordable.
  • Swap our your bedside pictures. This is a fun way to add a different look and also use more of the pictures we take but never use. These frames are my go to (they are SO easy to swap out and are timeless).
  • Buy a new robe. I know this sounds silly but my robe is my incentive to start getting ready for bed. It is SO comfortable and is a great mental signal for me that it is time to wind down.


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