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Several years ago I saw a picture of an Olsen twin in what I did not know was a Maison Michel headband with ears and a veil. My first thought was: Confirmed. They do a lot of drugs. #nojudgement

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I then stumbled across a model wearing a beautiful hat with an M on it and assuming that she had monogrammed her hat, I followed suit and stuck my J.Crew panama hat under my grandmother’s embroidery machine and got to work on an A.

lena perminova, maison michel, hat, amber venz, venzedits

Last year, I discovered Maison Michel and realized that the Olsens were just years ahead of me and the M on Lena Perminova’s hat was not a monogram.

After a while, I started to like the Disney look- after all, Rihanna did it. I wore this veil to host a company dinner in London during fashion week.

Get the look:

  • Tiffany Olson

    Obsessed with your veil moment. Obsessed with the new layout. Also obsessed with Lena Perminova! Great post. xo

  • Elizabeth // The Now

    Bahaha. “confirmed…” I love that you are so daring and have this ear/veil creation! I saw that same pink hat and thought she had it monogrammed and then learned about Maison Michel…and I”m obsessed. I have such a tiny head and hats are hard for me to wear…but cat ears would def. fit my miniscule head. xoxo

  • Sarah {Raving Fashionista}

    You’ve confirmed my need for a pair of those lacy headband ears I’ve suspected I “need” for quite some time now. Thanks for that! 😉

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