LEISURE CLASS: summer with the society set

Summer’s high-society style is right in line with a new generation of ladies who lunch- pastel tweeds and posh accessories no longer having to feel precious.

We love the modern cut of this Torn by Ronny Kobo Melissa Tweed Jacket. It has a sort of when-Balmain-met-Coco aesthetic. When paired with these Alice + Olivia Butterfly Shorts (that we have been lusting over for a week), the modern girl begins to appear.

This is where we make the stylish transition from harsh heroin-chic of seasons past into lady-with-an-edge.

Knee-socks and oxford lace-ups are not obvious- which is what we like- and they serve to lighten the look.

For those of you who like to push boundaries (ie: don’t dress for the boys), these $15 socks are the perfect height and color and look perfect with wooden-block, leather sandals.

When accessorizing, do not forget your Karen Walker Helter Skelter Sunglasses.