First, let me say that I generally hate lace. It reminds me of the early ’90s, pale skin and deep purple lipstick.

But, when Stella McCartney’s lace and organza mini dresses walked the Fall 2010 runway, I had to have one so I went on the hunt for an affordable version. Some store had to be inspired, right?

BCBG caught on and I found my lace sheath dress (for nowhere near the $1400 price tag hanging from the Stella I covet).

To lose the “sweet” that comes along with lace, I layered my┬áHelmut Lang skinny leather pants underneath and threw on a pair of booties (this was to immolate the thigh-high Loubs that I am dying for- if you have those, wear them instead).

I accessorized with the Roar necklace and a Chanel pearl belt worn as a necklace.