When you are interviewing designers like Tory Burch, Manolo Blahnik, Nancy Gonzalez and most recently, Katie Holmes, for your fashion blog, you need to know how to look the part. Krystal’s trick: accessorize the basics.

Here, we are looking at two accessories in particular: 1. Dog; 2. Heels.

Her two-year-old yorkie-poo, Buddy, does not leave her side (she even takes him to the movies!). To get him in costume for the shoot we swapped his collar out with this Chanel necklace- thrifted from flea market in Paris! His leash is not too shabby either. She bought this vintage YSL necklace-turned-leash from vintage dealer Susie Hoimes as a Christmas gift for her mother. (Watch my interview with Susie to see how spot a fake!)

Now, lets talk shoes.

When Fashion’s Night Out came to Dallas this year, the Schlegel women went big- hosting the grand opening of the Christian Louboutin boutique in Highland Park Village. In gratitude, Christian himself went prince charming and bestowed these┬áCL grommeted slingbacks on Krystal’s toots.

Cinderella would be jealous.

On a budget? There are some adorable puppies waiting to be rescued and accessorized from your local shelter and if Christian’s prices are too un-Godly, try this inspired version.