Kitchen Renovation | Picking Out the Perfect Stone Countertops

Amber Venz Box Aria Stone
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As most of you have seen over the last few weeks, I have been doing a lot of little facelifts to our kitchen. And now it is time for the biggest and most exciting change – the countertops! Right now, we have a tan granite that we are wanting to replace with something lighter. When it comes to picking out the perfect stone, there are so many choices and it really is hard to know where to start. I have been working with the team at Aria Stone Gallery to help me and they have been so incredibly helpful. Due to my busy schedule, I have been working mostly via e-mail which has been extremely easy and productive.

First, I started by looking at Aria’s website to get a feel for the kind of stone I was looking for. Once I had the general idea, I worked directly with their team by sending my inspiration images and they sent over the best stones to match my vision. From there, I decided to go with the Calacatta Lincoln. I knew I wanted to have distinctive veins running throughout the marble so it was love at first sight. The perfect match. (Fun Fact: The Calacatta Lincoln comes from the same quarry in Colorado where the marble used to construct the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument – how cool is that?!).

Next after choosing the stone, you work with a fabricator (in Dallas, I am working with Choice Fabricated Stone) to cut, finish, and install the stone. During this process came the decision to polish or hone the marble. For me, this decision was like choosing between patent and matte leather – both are beautiful but it is hard to decide between the two. After researching the pros and cons of honed vs. polished (you can read more about the differences here), I decided to hone our countertops so that they would be less reflective of light, wouldn’t scratch as easily, and would have nice satin finish.

I am here to tell you that deciding to renovate our kitchen has been an education! There is so much more that goes into choosing a countertop than simply by the look alone. And with two little ones running around, it has made my decision making much more practical.

Stay tuned for more progress in the coming weeks!