When I heard that fall IRO had arrived at Cabana in Dallas, I ran to the store to get first dibs.

This Parisian line came onto my radar around this time last year and it has been a love affair for us ever since.

Always looking for great tops, I nabbed this one because of the armadillo-style sleeves and the deep v neck that shows my Nicole chain bra. Super sexy.

(For more information on the Nicole Chain bra, email

For a similar look, try this Plastic Island blouse from Singer22. It has the same draped sleeves that I am in love with and a boxy build that works well with black skinny jeans or ribbed leggings. I wore a pair of ottoman leggings from Wang’s fall ’09 collection but he has a new pair out for you (and they are a bit cheaper this year!).

Black gladiators and booties are a MUST this season (check back later for a list of the best ones of the season). I wore a pair of Givenchy glads from Fall ’08, but this pair from Steve Madden is less than $100 and a sort of bootie-glad hybrid. Two birds. One stone.