What’s In My Shopping Cart Right Now

Inside My January Shopping Cart:


Clothes for Boyce – I’m not sure what happened over the holidays but Boyce doesn’t fit into any of his clothes! He is growing so quickly that he hasn’t even worn all of the precious outfits I bought him..

New Candle – I always have this candle burning in our house. It smells divine and the copper is great to reuse once the candle has burned out.

More Texturizing Spray – Both Baxter and I use this, so it goes fast in our house! I don’t know how I would live without it.

Jeans – We are excited to spend more time in West Texas this year, so I am stocking up on appropriate gear – little by little.

Boy Brow – I just ran out and this stuff is amazing! They give your brows a natural fill without being overbearing.


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