In My Cart (All Under $50!)


This month, there aren’t too many things in my cart but these 4 things I truly love.

  • Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen – As you can tell, I am a pale girl so I need to take extra good care of my skin to protect it from the sun. This sunscreen is amazing. I took it on a trip to sunny Phoenix a few weeks ago and it worked beautifully. It also goes on clear (makes a great makeup primer) and doesn’t smell!
  • Copper Fruit Basket – I have a lot of copper accents in my kitchen and needed one more. I love the detail on this basket and the contrast it brings to my white countertops.
  • Off-the-Shoulder Sweater – Only $30 and comes in 7 colors.. do I need to say more?
  • Jonathan Adler Candle – This candle is always burning in our house. A mix of champagne and grapefruit, the scent is divine.
Scroll through and click the images above to shop!