How $15 Can Make Meeting a New Sibling More Fun for Toddlers

Scrubs 1

Scrubs 2

Scrubs 3


Paging Dr. Birdie and Dr. Boyce! Your baby sister is here!


How adorable are these little scrubs? I got them for Birdie and Boyce to help get them excited for Miss Bizzy’s arrival. They weren’t only a hit with the kids, the nurses loved them too! The best part, aside from being customizable, is that they are only $15.00. It was such a fun way to make the day all the more special.


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Shop Dr. Birdie and Dr. Boyce’s looks below!



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  • Merritt Beck

    Love this idea, so cute and fun for the kids!
    xx, Merritt
    The Style Scribe

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