The landscape of the Schlegel Estate is reminiscent of the gardens of Versailles- I could almost hear violins as we walked across the lawn to one of the swimming pools. Then, I saw the naked sunbathing lady statues in loungers at the end of the pool. I love the humor.

Her parents brought this buck home from an auction; this was her debut photo shoot.

Krystal found this Stella McCartney nautical themed top at 4510, a local Dallas haunt (sort of, even Oprah shops there…) that reads more like an art gallery than a retail store. It is hard to find a miss amongst the highly edited assortment of fresh and seasoned talent in this store.

You and I can get her look on SALE in the cobalt color way; who can resist cobalt this season?

Her white Lovestory jeans capture the sexy ’70’s flare I spoke to last week (see that post here) and are a flattering pair for her silk top.

To accessorize, Krystal grabbed this long pendant necklace that she bought from Molly Sims when her sister hosted a trunk show for the star. Her nude platform pumps were just the right height for these long, lean jeans.