Want to play putt-putt? Step into my backyard.

There are all sorts of novelties in Paula’s historic Dallas home- this one being my favorite.

Her lean physique is just the right frame for this Sartel dress that she found at VOD in Dallas’ Victory Park. I love the way she dressed it down with Lanvin flats for meetings and then pumped it up with Marc Jacobs lizzard heels for a local fashion editor’s wedding last weekend.

With fashionable soirees and fall weddings to attend, you are going to need a fabulous garment to stand out. Sometimes, in order to stand apart or be noticed, a girl must go to her vintage-inspired wardrobe and then accessorize it well.

Think red carpet, Olsen twins.

This silk-chiffon maxi dress features padded shoulders (a la Balmain) unfinished, asymmetrical tiers and ruffles and best of all- long sleeves.

How could you not look like a goddess in this Melane Birger dress?

When accessorizing, you have two options: (1) layer on your Chanel pearls and a fab cocktail ring like Paula, or (2) wear this green topaz necklace and a personalized gold signet ring.