Glamping= glamour+ camping, outdoor recreation for the chicest of the chic.

Nicole Mussleman of Koch creates some of the most unique yet simple dresses for summer that are sweat-proof: unlined, thick cotton dresses that are flirty without hugging your body in the summer heat (already 100 in Dallas and it is only June 3!)

Make the Devi dress your own by adding the Meg Harness by Amber Venz. Made up of limited edition vintage chain, this harness drapes at the waist to give more volumous pieces like this one a natural waistline. Throw on the Jingle bracelet at the wrist to tie in all of your hardware.

Don’t forget your boots! We wore the designers own florintini + Baker boots; however, Steve Madden was inspired yet again and added this same boot into his collection. Wear them NOW with a pair of cream or grey tall socks slouched down into the boot.