Here is another reason why you should buy unique gifts when you find them: to be a prepared guest. Host gifts are especially important for house guests (just if you want to be invited back).

1. You can bet that your host does not buy Diptyque 34 boulevard saint germain scented ovals for themselves; a $50 soap on a string is not necessarily a commodity.

2. Coffee table books are always a good option. This book is a safe option because the colors in the artwork are not too strong and the font title is clean and chic.

3. Last Christmas boyfriend was given a few of these thermal porcelain cups last- trust me on this one, they are a good idea (and super inexpensive, $11 each).

4. A Balenciaga candle will always make a splash- its Balenciaga.

5. I just picked up a few gifts from Hermes and yes, these drawer liners smell good, but lets get real- this gift is all about the box. I bought an extra for myself so I could use the box as a pencil holder for my desk. Tres chic.

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