To my friends: STOP READING. This will spoil the surprise.

My quarter-life (25th birthday) is approaching very quickly; I just have a few weeks left as a 24-year-old. This is the time of life where fashion blogs become lifestyle blogs and all of your friends get married.

I like to have an updated gift stash at all times. Buying a gift is like buying a dress- you can never find a really impressive one when you go searching for it. I try to just buy dresses and gifts as I find them so I stocked up on a few of these engagement gifts over the weekend.

The For Like Ever print is something that every blogger knows about but it is such a great party decoration and gift for the bride. If you are a DIY-er, you can make you own “&” love drawing (seen above) and frame it as part of a grouping of prints.

I also bought a few For Like Ever cake toppers. With that accessory, all you need is a basic solid pastel cake.

The Mr. & Mrs. wooden signs are cute for parties or engagement photos.

Happy gifting!

  • Emily

    those toppers are so funny!

    • Amber Venz

      Haha I love them. Just kind of humorous:)

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