Getting Organized with Neat Method



As our oldest daughter, Birdie, turns three this week, we have been preparing a “big girl room” for her at home. We decided to renovate some unused space in our 50s ranch-style home to better accommodate personal space for our growing family and Birdie’s new room has been a big project for us over the last few months.


Watch the entire room renovation on my Instagram story highlight here.


Instead of building a classic closet in Birdie’s new room, we decided to construct a full-wall built-in closet with beautiful, modern wood fronts. This wall has become the focal point of the room and really transformed the space. I absolutely love this feature!


Being the first child, a girl, and the daughter of a blogger, Birdie has a full wardrobe, complete with sunglasses, bows, handbags, costumes, and shoes. Her little clothes were jam-packed into her previous closet, making it a) hard to see what she had and b) impossible for her to dress herself.


One of my goals for her new room was to provide her with more opportunities for self-sufficiency, and with that, we wanted to empower her to dress herself.


We worked with Valerie at Neat Method, a lifestyle service where design experts declutter your life, to organize her new closet and optimize the space.


I was excited to work with Neat because I have seen their work on Instagram and they turn closets, pantries, and drawers into works of art. I love to organize (nothing gets me going like a freshly cleaned-out, organized closet) but despite my affinity for clean, I am a total novice at organization compared to Valerie and her team.



Check out their work:


Image 12


Image 7

Image 4


The white wooden children’s hangers look so fresh.


Image 13

Image 11


These drawer dividers really optimize the space.


Image 2

Image 14


Birdie’s bow drawer is a dream!


Image 3

Image 1


I wanted her costumes to be accessible; she is constantly changing outfits to “be a princess” or a “spawkley ballerina.”



Image 5


I’m not sure what is prettier- the closet doors open or shut:)



Shop Birdie’s room below!










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