A SALE is not a SALE unless you are getting the wholesale price or better (at least this is our logic).

This Leyendecker Iwi Blazer from is on SALE for 70% off!!

For trendy, or super-noticeable pieces like this, be sure not to spend a fortune because odds are, you will only wear it a few times.

This blazer works because of the length (when buying a longer blazer, make sure it covers your rear) and the color-Who doesn’t need a fabulous black blazer?

We suggest wearing with a nude dress, the Kate chain and STAND OUT heels.

Check out these options by Lanvin (our absolute favorite line AND the oldest fashion house in the world).

**Update: These Lanvin pumps are all on SALE now at Neiman Marcus. NM Union Square in San Francisco has them in stock if your local store does not so give them a call.