For the past few days I have been working in Amsterdam so I wanted to feature my favorite Dutch (well, actually Mexican) blogger: Andy Torres.

I saw her in these shorts and the leopard-drenched Michael Kors runway show at about the same time and I have been searching for the perfect pair ever since.

Tan legs, over-sized black sunnies and wedges required.

Image via Style Scrapbook

  • Christine

    Hi there, sorry for my delayed answer.
    We are moving this week to a new place so everyone have been like busy little bees around the office:)

    Thnx for all your nice compliments, it makes me glad:)

    ps. I loooooooove your Philim Lim bag and your look in Fresh and Floral. Lovely!

  • megan abigail chandler

    obsessed with those shoes!!!

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