Having gone to school in Texas, I have a lot of insanely beautiful girlfriends who continue to teach me how to keep my hair and skin looking glamourous. I know just as much about Sephora as I do Nascar so I wouldn’t be able to keep up without them.

Perk: ULTA just announced their online 20% off everything SALE and all of these products are included!

The Tips:

1. Big Curls travel setter: Instead of spending an hour drying your hair around velcro curlers, throw these hot rollers on while you do your makeup and get the same volume. I am all about less effort when it comes to my hair and these are a quick fix- even for day 2.

2. Neutrogena make-up remover towelettes: My college friend, Sarah from San Antonio, always had a pack of these in her purse- they make it so easy to get your mascara off.

3. Frederick Fekkai Au Naturel dry shampoo: One of my original readers, Kristina from Manhattan, wrote in to tell me about this product. She swears by it and always keep a bottle in her purse.

4. Clarisonic skin care system: My best friend, Alissa, is an on-air news reporter so she knows all the tricks to keeping her skin clear and fresh. It is a bit pricey, but “totally worth the money… even after I wash and put toner on my face it still gets out a bunch of makeup and leaves my skin so soft.”