Friendly Friday | Urban Spikes

I recently shared my trick for keeping my house green without the trouble of having to water plants constantly. We have filled our yurts at The Local Chapter with beautiful succulents from The Urban Spike. This week I am interviewing the woman behind it all! Meet Courtney!

What was the inspiration behind your brand? 

I was two kids in and my husband and I had just moved into a new home. It was a very white, midcentury modern, angular design and it needed some warmth quickly. I decided to build some terrariums and plants to add some color to the space, as budget wise we had put the brakes on furniture/art for a bit. I was lucky enough to discover cut succulents in my scouting’s and fell in love with their beautiful, easy and versatile nature. I have never had a green thumb so I was shocked to find a plant that could insert life in a space without the responsibility of having to care for it. Plants bring a great deal of warmth and dimension into a home, but they require care and attention. People tend to shy away due to this responsibility. 

Urban Spikes specializes in low maintenance, modern botanical designs. We wanted to make having indoor plants more approachable for all people, not just those with a green thumb. Our team works to create innovative sculptural designs by incorporating woods, gemstones and exotic dried accents. People recognize our arrangements by their unique composition of natural accents and of course our meticulous sand designs. I feel like a lot of flower shops offer cut succulent arrangements, but it’s not their specialty, so I think that’s what sets us apart from the rest. We solely work with cut succulents, cactus and maintenance-friendly indoor plants so our offering is robust, and we try to really capture what our clients are looking for to complete their space.

What is your favorite part about what you do? 

I was in the PR industry for about 10 years prior to starting Urban Spikes and spent tons of time on a computer at a desk. I love that I get to use my hands to create and honestly get dirty in the process. It’s so much fun to let inspiration take me different places and then see our designs insert beauty in our client’s most special spaces. The variety of materials and accents we use when creating our pieces allows each one to be different even if it’s the slightest bit. I love that each design is unique to our client.

Have you had a favorite project so far? If so, what was it?

My favorite project thus far was also our craziest. The day I had my third child we got an inquiry from our web site contact form about custom designs for a 60th birthday party. Turns out it was for Mark Cuban and it was 2 weeks out. My team was incredible as I had just had a baby and a great deal of limitations on me. We cranked out around 120 sand arrangements in Mavericks colors for the big event. The build out for the party was like nothing I’d ever seen, two massive tents in his backyard. Stevie Wonder and The Chainsmokers performed so our arrangements were in very good company.

What can we expect in the future?

More growth and inspiring new designs! We moved into a beautiful studio space and we’re working to take on more large-scale projects. We’ve been doing moss walls and working with businesses and clients to create full botanical plans for their spaces. 

We’re not big on discounts as everything is handmade, but we’re so excited to be on VenzEdits among such amazing talent. As a special offer to readers, we’d like to offer 15% off of our web site designs. When checking out on enter the code “VENZEDITS” to receive your discount. Enjoy shopping!