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I have known Meg and Allison for many years now, as both were early rewardStyle employees and now alum. I personally interviewed and hired them both and am proud to have them as friends.

After rewardStyle, Meg and Allison went on to create To & From gifts, a company that creates fantastically Instagram-worthy gift baskets for individuals, events and corporate clients. Their eye for the beautiful is well suited for their new venture and I am excited to introduce you to them today!


What inspired To & From Gifts? 


After our fiancés popped the question, it was our turn to ask each other “Will you be my bridesmaid?” When we couldn’t find a unique and turnkey solution, we realized we would have to create the perfect gifts ourselves. From there, To & From Gifts was born as a way to help others find personalized and thoughtful gifts to enhance life’s most memorable moments.


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In your own words please explain the purpose of your company/what you all do? 


Founded in Dallas in 2016, To & From is a specialty gift design service creating thoughtful and personalized gifts for moments that matter. Specializing in custom gifts for weddings, events and businesses, To & From also operates an e-commerce platform where customers can easily purchase gifts for life’s important milestones. To & From’s concierge-level expertise aims to ease the gift-giving process from creation to execution because the only thing better than getting a gift is giving one.


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What is your favorite part about what you do?


Every day and every gift we create is unique. We get to work with incredible individuals and companies to thank and celebrate others.


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How can we support you?


With the holiday season around the corner, we would love to be top of mind for businesses both big and small that are looking for a turnkey solution for custom corporate gifts.


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