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I first came across The Daily Edited products when the company joined rewardStyle and influencers in Australia began to promote their products. Then, while on a work trip to Australia to speak at the Vogue Codes conference in Sydney, I had the pleasure of meeting Alyce Tran, the founder of TDE.


Alyce is a magnetic founder and she has a unique founding story- moving from a very rigid industry to a very creative one to follow her passion. You have no doubt seen my collection of TDE accessories – from trunk bags to cell phone cases – and I am thrilled to be able to share Alyce’s story with you (and also host a giveaway to give one lucky winner a TDE fall collection of their own!).




What inspired TDE? 


The Daily Edited (TDE for short) was actually started by my co-founder Tania Liu and I as a bit of a passion project on the side of our corporate legal careers. TDE started off as a daily edit of the things we liked in fashion, food, and culture and from that we actually launched a clothing line that unfortunately was not commercially successful.  We then decided in 2014 to launch a small accessories line, the intention really was to just have some product to use ourselves and to gift to our friends and family but then along came Instagram, I uploaded a few pictures of our product and it just exploded.  I ended up processing and monogramming orders all night after my day job and worked really hard for a year or so. In 2015 Tania and I both decided to leave our careers as lawyers and we haven’t looked back since.



What is new? What should we expect in the future?  


We have a new product line we are launching next year which we are really excited about.  We do though release new products to our existing categories every 3-5 weeks which always keeps things really fresh.


What If you were to wear one TDE piece for the rest of your life, which would it be and why?


Probably our classic black pouch because it goes with all of your outfits and is just so handy!


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