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A few years ago I discovered Little Goodall,  a Dallas-based children’s clothing company, through another mom blogger. If you have been around venzedits for long, you have undoubtedly seen Birdie in their coats, bubbles, and dresses; I adore their designs.

Molly Goodall, the founder, has attracted quite a fan club; you can now buy her designs at Anthropologie and The Tot. I am proud to say that we have been wearing her work since way back when.

Today I am excited to introduce you to one of my digital friends, fellow entrepreneur, mom and Dallasite, Molly Goodall.




What inspired Little Goodall? 


While I have always had an interest in children’s clothing design, it was having my son that inspired Little Goodall. He was a really active, outdoor loving toddler, and he loved creative make-believe play.  It seemed like the only clothing options we had were either miniature versions of adult clothing, sports or cartoon related garments or super traditional boys clothing that was far too dressy for everyday play. The final catalyst was an ear infection. Our pediatrician told us we needed to keep our son’s ears covered in the cooler weather, but he pulled off any hat that we tried to make him wear. On a trip to a fabric store, I saw a bolt of gold wool felt, and it gave me an idea – what if I made my son a coat with a hood that transformed him into a roaring lion? If the coat was fun to wear, perhaps he would be excited to put it on! I spent a weekend sewing the original Ferocious Felt Lion Coat, and it was an instant hit. Everywhere my son wore it people commented, and the Little Goodall brand was born!




What is new? What should we expect in the future? 


This fall we have added so many new styles, but one that I’m really excited about is our collaboration with the South Carolina based artist Alyssa Jill Harris, who works under the name Willa Heart. She makes these wonderful, whimsical paintings of dogs and other animals, that are so fun and colorful that I knew they would be fantastic as embroideries on coats. We’ve released two styles so far and they have been really well received. In the spring we’ve partnered with The World of Eric Carle on a really fun collection featuring his artwork on a variety of colorful outfits to celebrate the 50th Birthday of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I grew up loving his work and loved sharing it with my son as well, his books are deeply rooted in nature and the wonder of childhood so it is a joy for me to create clothing designs inspired by them.




What is your favorite part of what you do and why? 


My favorite part of my job is the very beginning and the very end of the design process. Sitting with a blank piece of paper and sketching out a design, brainstorming ways to make it more fun, more functional, more special, more unique; the creative process is so rewarding in itself. Then, at the end, reading emails from our customers, seeing photos of their children and grandchildren – these little people that are so special – that is pure gold. It is such a joy and a privilege to see my drawings come to life in the real world, and be worn and loved and handed down to siblings and cousins and friends. And all of the North Texans who sew our coats are parents or grandparents, so when we say our garments are made with love we aren’t kidding! When you buy a Little Goodall coat you are supporting their families and that in itself is another one of my favorite things.




What is your favorite piece, either current or from the past, and why? 


Usually my favorite piece is the one that I’m working on for the next collection, but the Luxe Lion coat is a perennial favorite which will always be dear to my heart. Not only because it was our first style, and inspired by my little lion (who is now 10), but because it is both protective and empowering to the children who wear them. We sell an equal number of the style to boys and girls, and I love how it both keeps the child warm and cocooned from the elements in a literal sense, but also inspires them to feel brave and strong (and even wild!) like a lion as they explore their world. Each lion hood is handmade in our studio in McKinney and then paired with the coat body which is sewn in Dallas, so no two are exactly alike.  When they are worn for a long time they take on the character of a well loved toy, which reminds me of the line from Margery Williams’ book The Velveteen Rabbit, “When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but REALLY loves you, then you become Real.”.


Shop some of my favorite Little Goodall pieces below.



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