Friendly Friday | Hank Keller from Rosé All Day

Meet my friend Hank (and his beautiful wife, Emily & precious new baby boy, Henry). We went to high school together and have stayed friends through college, marriage, businesses and now, babies! Hank has started many successful businesses in Dallas (you may have heard of Lights All Night) and I am excited for his current venture Rosé All Day.

Mark your calendars for THIS Sunday for the Rosé All Day Wine and Music Festival at Arlington Hall at Lee Park. The event is going to be a blast (and not just for the ladies) – wine, bands, and the Cowboy’s game live streaming. If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, be sure to grab them here asap and use the code ‘VENZEDITS’ for 50% off!

I love being able to support my friends, especially when they are doing such wonderful things to make our city better. And it doesn’t hurt that the wine is amazing! Truthfully, if it got into a fight with Miraval, it would win.