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I am so excited to introduce you all to my friend, Elizabeth. Elizabeth and I went to high school together, we were both Kappa’s at SMU, and we have both always been entrepreneurial. She recently started a fabulous blog with her mom and I wanted her to share more with all of you!


Where did you and your mom get the idea for Lolli and Me? 

The idea of Lolli and Me started when I moved back to Dallas last year, and mom and I finally lived in the same city again. My mom, “Lolli” as my boys call her, has an uncanny knack for creating memories through her gift of Southern hospitality, and Lolli and Me provides a digital platform to capture her essence and share her legacy live, beyond just our family. It’s a “love letter” of sorts to my mom and a celebration of Mothers Day every day! It makes me happy to imagine my grandchildren and great-grandchildren getting glimpses of mom from what we’re capturing through Lolli and Me, especially with our video series MAMA ALWAYS SAID™. I wish I had that of my Grandma Ruby who passed when I was just nine years old. I think that’s the value mom sees in it, too. Since she’s never been into social media and doesn’t follow blogs, she has been a good sport to go out of her comfort zone and jump on board with me to create this platform “WHERE THE GENERATIONS MEET™.” We hope to engage with an audience that spans generations, to share lifestyle content that’s relatable to both my mom’s age group and mine, across the categories of family, food, and fashion—all things we both love!

Do you and your mom have similar styles and how do you both like to collaborate on the blog?

I feel like a lot of my style is due to mom’s influence. For as long as I can remember, she has taught me to value classic and timeless over trendy. “Quality over quantity” is some of the best advice she’s given me over the years, which resonates more and more as I get older. Mom sticks to her favorite, tried-and-true brands and looks, since she knows what works for her. I’m still experimenting with my style a bit, especially since my closet has to cover everything from mommy mode to work meetings and all types of events…and currently, maternity wear with a baby girl on the way! Lolli and I both like high-low dressing, though, mixing traditional investment pieces and designer brands with wardrobe basics or different accessories to reinvent an outfit. The same goes for our beauty routines and home décor. We like to stick to the classics but may add fresh elements, as we identify new favorites. We curate a shop on our Web site together to share those finds with our followers!

While we’re in different life stages, there is a lot we have in common, so that’s our focus with content collaboration. Mom will tell you she inherited her passion and talent for cooking and entertaining from her Grandma Ruby, and I hope that lives on in me as well. We enjoy brainstorming ideas for Lolli and Me but bring two perspectives. For example, we may like the same brand but select different products, or we may take the same piece but style it in our own unique ways. We sometimes have different interpretations of certain recipes or put our individual twists on a specific party theme or gift idea. Although mom and I are decades apart in age, we foundationally share a common faith and love for family, which drives our blog’s overall content meant to inspire intentional living across the generations.


With the holidays coming up, what are you and your mom’s best entertaining tips? 

The holidays are often the only time in a year that a specific group of loved ones gathers together. Our best tips revolve around making it count! We like to set the table and the tone for intentional memories, whether that’s in the form of a “wow” visual, exceptional menu, curated conversation, thoughtful gifts, a fun activity, or all of the above. In our family, we all still laugh about a certain game of charades from years ago! Those are treasured memories in the memory bank. Mom still hosts most holiday celebrations in her home and starts planning weeks in advance to ensure stomachs and hearts leave full. I’m taking notes—for myself and for our Lolli and Me followers! One thing specifically that everyone looks forward to at Lolli’s house around the holidays is her “Smoked Turkey Pâté,” both for its taste as well as its presentation. We will share a post with that recipe along with other family favorites later this fall. However, anyone can come up with a signature dish or display that nurtures the holiday spirit and creates a sense of tradition, and we love hearing from our followers about their ideas, too! We also share a Hostess Countdown on our blog as a general guide for planning a shower, dinner party, or any other occasion.

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    Love this. I’m proud of both Elizabeth and Amber. Is there anything you two cannot do?

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