Friendly Friday | COLORES Collective

Kathryn Swain started COLORES in May of 2017 with the desire to bring something different to the gift and resort market after her many years of traveling, specifically to the Middle East. She got to see and meet so many incredible artisans and knew she could create something of quality and substance that would stand out in a busy world.

After a trip to Morocco, Kathryn started designing bags, tassels, and caftans that would resonate with her gift-giving clients. It was important that the bags were designed and crafted in a way that she could successfully paint the custom monograms on the bags,  so after a bit of trial and error, COLORES Collective was born!

What is happening in the business today?

Today, Kathryn is working on making small edits to the classic totes, new tassel, and caftan color combinations,  as well as adding a new line of Italian leather bags and clutches- all of which will be offered with custom monograms.

“I used to design new bag styles for each season but I’ve come to realize that people really just love the custom totes so I’ve focused all efforts there, as to not get spread too thin. Always relearning the lesson ‘You can’t be everything to everyone.'”

Kathryn Swain

Is there any mission/ social impact/ other noteworthy mention about the business? 

“We proudly employ around 8-10 women in and around Marrakech, Morocco- a part of the world where work can be hard to come by for all, especially women. They are able to bring their children to work or work from home, providing a sustainable work environment for them and their families. The basketweave that they specialize in has been around for hundreds of years so our work helps to keep that tradition not only alive but also passing it down to the next generation.  Our bags are also ecologically sustainable, as they are made from naturally shedding palm leaves that grow back year over year. No harvesting of the trees is needed, just simply the regenerating leaves.   To this day, each bag is handwoven outside of Marrakesh, every sequin is individually sewn on every bag, and the monograms are painted individually on every bag.”

Kathryn Swain

I have enjoyed getting to work with Kathryn and cannot express how much we love her pieces. The mini bags were a big hit with the girls, they are a perfect size!

Don’t forget to check out all the different pieces including the bags, caftans, jewelry, mini bags, tassels, and so much more. Use code AVB for 10% off your entire purchase and check out her Instagram here. Enjoy shopping!

Friendly Friday is a one a month feature on a female entrepreneur with an up and coming business. You can check out last month’s feature on Urban Spikes here.