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I met Jamie O’Banion a few years ago and as fellow Dallas-based female founders, our paths and friend groups have continued to cross. I admire Jamie not only because I love her products (everyone has gone nuts over this roller and I am currently using her hydrating mask), but also because she is a hard-working mom who is building a (beautifully branded) global business and also actively raising smart, kind children. Jamie is someone you want to know, root for, and take inspiration from.


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What inspired BeautyBio

I grew up in the lab with my father as an owner in one of the top clinical skincare labs in the US. From a very young age, I was incredibly intrigued by the magic of science – watching someone’s skin change upon ingredient application was surreal. I loved working with the team on new raw materials and pushing the envelope with formulas to maximize efficacy. After witnessing several larger brands take new technology and opt to save on cost by including less than required concentrations of key actives, I was shocked and new at that moment I had a responsibility to deliver truth, authenticity and education to the marketplace. BeautyBio was born from my desire to empower women with knowledge. Period. I want everyone to, at the very minimum, understand what they should and should not be putting on their skin, the basics of how the skin functions and provide a direct source of digestible knowledge. As such, we’ve emerged into a very interesting white space of high-tech meets millennial cool –  a skincare brand that actually works AND one you’d want to put out on your counter. It’s exciting.


What are you goals for the company? 

Our goal is to empower our community (or Glommunity as we call it) with the information they need to make an informed decision. For example, most people don’t realize that your skin’s pH should be 5.5. to avoid stripping the protective acid mantle or that asking what percentage a retinol product contains isn’t the first question to ask as there are multiple forms of retinol and a .5% of retinoic acid is like a 5% retinol. My goal is to provide deets to those like myself that have to know and roll it together in a super easy to navigate, goof-proof line. As a mother of three and growing company, I don’t have time for 18 steps. We have one day serum, one night serum and believe in keeping things simple. You can bet I have cherry picked the exact ingredients you need AM and PM and if we develop newer technology, I’m going to update the formula instead of rolling out a new product, just to add a new SKU.


What is your favorite part about what you do

Educating and talking to customers. I wish I got to spend more time doing that! I love doing an event at Nordstrom or Harrods and getting to spend time with a customer, walking through her specific needs, story and goals. I’m always honored and grateful every time someone trusts their skin to BeautyBio, and it’s my mission to make sure everything is perfect for them.


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