Friendly Friday | Alpha-Lit

When I first launched my blog in 2010, I had a weekly series called “Girl of the Moment,” or “GOTM” for those of you who are long-time readers. These posts would feature women who were doing important things that I wanted to draw attention to. Nine years later, “GOTM” has evolved into “Friendly Friday”. Same concept – new name.

A few weeks ago, I began flipping through my screenshots to find inspiration for my brother’s surprise engagement party and I came across several events that had oversized letter installations. How cool would it be if we could do the same in our yard! 

A few companies that I follow online used Alpha-Lit for their event so I got in touch with Jennifer to see if she could help. She and her team went above and beyond to make sure that the installation went well, even suggesting some additions, and then perfectly spacing the letters once they were installed. They were tedious. The Alpha Lit installation was the crown jewel of our event and I am excited to introduce you to them today!

What was the inspiration behind Alpha- Lit:

Marquee letters have been on my mind since my wedding in March of 2017. When I was getting married I went to Pinterest to get my creative juices flowing. On Pinterest I saw Marquee Letters and I NEEDED them for my wedding…but no one in Dallas rented them out. Two years later my husband and I finally pulled the trigger and launched Alpha-Lit in Dallas and it has been so fun to add this unique and customizable product to the event market. 

What is your favorite part about what you do?

Working with people! Alpha-Lit is all about celebrating so everything is so happy surrounding what we do. I am so inspired by my clients creativity and ideas.

Have you had a favorite project so far? If so, what was it?

WOW! This is a tough one. Every event is so unique and special in its own way. Getting to work with people to make their vision a reality is so rewarding regardless of what letters we are putting up. Working with you on Nathan and Lindsay’s surprise engagement party is up there as a favorite. I mean who doesn’t LOVE surprise parties?

What can we expect in the future?

We are GROWING! Alpha- Lit may be coming to a city near you! After just 2 months in business we have expanded to locations in Fort Worth and Northwest Arkansas. This summer we will be opening in Kansas City, New Orleans, Atlanta and have may other cities in the works. 

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