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I met Tori back in 2011 through our mutual friend, Courtney Kerr, when the two of them were filming for the first of two Bravo! series that featured them and their friendship.


Tori is a friend you want to have – the one who plans your birthday party and rallies around you during both tough and celebratory times. She also tells it to you straight, as a good friend should.


Tori and her sister started a jewelry line several years ago and have been growing steadily for years, most recently landing some large distribution deals. Also, how cute are the bandanas that she made Birdie and Boyce? Get your own here! Now for the moment you have been waiting for, meet Tori!


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The last time we featured you on Friendly Friday was May 2017! What has changed at All the Wire since we last spoke?


A lot has happened for All the Wire since we last chatted. 2018 has been a year of taking even bigger leaps creative wise, really expressing who we are as a brand, and having fun again.


Desiree and I learned very early on, “never marry a design” and always allow room for change. So we did. We freshened up our website and teamed up with Michelle Slough, a graphic designer, who helped us nail our new logo and packaging. We’re very happy with how ATW turned out, as we are celebrated year 5 as a company.


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We hear you have some exciting things coming up. What does the future entail? 


We’re very excited to announce that All the Wire has been picked up by Nordstrom! Some of our favorite pieces they’ve picked up are The Bella choker, The Mary and Me, Guadalupe hoops, and Pray for Us pendants to name a few. We’re set to launch VERY soon! End of September- early October, be on the lookout!


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How can we support All the Wire? 


We love adding to our amazing tribe of women. Spread the word, follow All the Wire on Instagram and visit us online!