Friendly Friday | A Detailed Destination



Merritt Beck and I became friends as undergraduates at Southern Methodist University. After school, we both started fashion blogs and reconnected through rewardStyle, where she was an early influencer client, and also one of our first team members!


In addition to her work as a successful lifestyle influencer, Merritt recently launched A Detailed Destination. These perfectly planned city guides will ensure you get the most out of your vacation!


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What inspired you to start your city guides? 


I absolutely love to travel – it’s been a lifelong passion of mine! One part of traveling I particularly enjoy is researching and planning prior to my departure. I am meticulous when it comes to planning my trips, which always makes the trip more enjoyable. I don’t want to waste any time once I get there, so having detailed plans upon arrival makes everything effortless. Over the years I’ve created city guides on my blog, The Style Scribe, but have received requests from readers to share even more, and more specifically to share my exact itineraries. I realized that not all people enjoy planning vacations as much as I do, and even those who do may not have the time to dedicate to planning the perfect getaway! So with that in mind, I launched A Detailed Destination in April. Each month I create a comprehensive travel guide highlighting a new destination I’ve been to recently!




What all can we find in you city guides? 


In these printable PDFs, you’ll find hour-to-hour itineraries for said destinations, as well as helpful travel information like when to go, how long to stay, transportation intel, the best places to eat and drink around town, my favorite photo opps in each city, the best shopping and so much more! I only feature things I have done myself and loved, so you can expect only tried and true favorites. Each guide has different features – some have suggestions on what to pack, while others offer tips on how to save money on that particular trip. The goal of these guides is to make your life easier – I’ve done all the research and planning for you. All you have to do is book your flight and hotel/AirBnB!




How has traveling changed your life?


Traveling inspires me in so many ways. It’s introduced me to wonderful people, cultures, food, and more in a way I could never have dreamed of! Traveling has opened my mind, expanded my tastes, and as I’ve explored the world have explored more of myself as well. Traveling alone has been especially eye-opening and freeing! If you’ve never taken a solo trip, I highly recommend it.




What can we do to support A Detailed Destination?


I create one new guide each month, and so far have itineraries for Japan, London, Paris, Portugal, and Switzerland! I’m looking forward to creating guides for domestic destinations later this year as well. If you are or know anyone traveling to any of the above destinations, I highly recommend checking out and buying my itineraries! I will only ever create guides on destinations I’ve visited recently (as in the last few months), so you know you’ll be getting the most accurate and up to date info! Whether you’re a planner or like to fly by the seat of your pants, the A Detailed Destination itineraries will make your trips an absolute breeze.