When we arrived at Margaret’s GOTM shoot, she was a complete picture of this season’s casual trends. Right on target, she looked as if she had appeared from the pages of Teen Vogue.

We have told you before, florals can look tired very quickly. Margaret’s floral frock is a style from Free People, where she worked in Visuals. While we could not find her exact dress for you, we did find the PERFECT floral in the Blu Moon Summer Lovin Dress. The spagetti straps are sensual and the back dips down for a hotter-from-the-back look that we LOVE.

Remember when we told you about the Chanel-inspired CECEILA clogs we found at Steve Madden? Margaret rocks them hard with a pair of inexpensive Madewell Pointelle Trouser Socks. The half-sock height is just right as tall socks can appear costumey.

She has the Wang camera bag in a soft olive, but decided to carry her Alexander Wang Donna Hobo with this look- the perfect mix of lounge and lush.