Festival season has started. With Coachella and Jazzfest behind us, it is time to plan your outfits for the next wave of summer events:

Hangout Festival, May 20-22

Bonnaroo, June 9-12

Summerfest, June 29-July 3 & July 5-10

Lollapalooza, August 5-7

Outside Lands, August 12-14

Here is a list of the basic gear you will need for this season of festivals:

1. Distressed Denim: these are not your typical pair of jorts and you can not find them at K-Mart. The distressed denim I am talking about has character and a nice aged coloration. A light wash jort will work but this season I prefer black.

2. UV Protection: you will be outside and therefore wearing sunglasses and therefore being photographed in those sunglasses. Choose wisely. A classic option is the Ray Ban Wayfarer- I suggest the fold-up version so you can put them in your pocket when the sun goes down. Sunglasses on your head is just a bad idea and reminds me of 7th grade, B&BW Freesia body lotion and Old Navy logo tees with the sleeves rolled up (at least twice). Don’t take us back there…

3. Rash Guard: Between sets you may find yourself sitting in the grass. Just saying “sitting in the grass” makes my legs itch. You will need to bring a towel and the monogrammed one you got from your aunt when you went to college is just inappropriate. Show some style and grab a cool beach towel.