Feeding Birdie | Part 1

When you first have a baby, you don’t know what is going to work and what isn’t. Baxter and I found out pretty quickly what did, a lot of it around her eating. I am going to be sharing the tips that I learned along the way and the products that worked best for us in a little series I’m calling Feeding Birdie. This week, I am sharing the bigger products around her eating schedule : the Bumbo, the Trip Trap high chair, and the portable hook-on high chair.


Bumbo Chair

Even though Birdie is growing quickly, we still love to use her Bumbo for breakfast. We like having her eye-level with us while we stand and drink our coffee. The Bumbo has been so great because it helps babies strengthen their core while sitting. I like the Bumbo Multi Seat (the white version) because it grows with your baby. You keep the insert while your baby is still itty bitty and needs that extra support but then you can remove it once they are sitting up well on their own.



trip trap


Bring out the Bumbo for those quick lunches. Since Birdie doesn’t eat at the same time every day, it is easier to have her eye level with us so that we can be right there in front of her. For lunches where we have a little more time, she likes to sit at the table in her Trip Trap high chair (preferably with the puppies so she can help feed them too).

For dinner at home, Birdie sits like a big girl in her Trip Trap high chair right between Baxter and I. The only accessory you need for this is the seat cushion and back plate for her to lean against. The straps are there to hold her in since now she can sit up on her own. The great thing about the Trip Trap is that it grows with your child. The foot rest can be moved down and eventually the chair can even fit your Middle Schooler!



High Chair


When going out to dinner, we bring our Eddie Bauer hook on chair with us. It works well in booths so that Birdie can sit at the table with us and won’t get in the way like a big bulky restaurant high chair. I prefer the more muted colors, either black or grey, but they do come in more colorful options.