We met Amber Venz on a cold damp day during Fashion Week this past February, and it was hard not to notice her. The Pleat: shivering brunettes wrapped in layers of black wool with ski caps pulled down over our ears. Amber: native Texan, tall, blonde, sun-kissed and smiling in a bright green vintage 60’s dress. This is a Jane of all (fashion) trades: jewelery designer of Amber Venz, fashion blogger (VENZedits), stylist on a new Bravo series, Most… Read Full Article at ThePLEAT

1. Proenza Schouler PS 1 Bag, $1595; 2. Amber Venz “Bubbles” ring, $346.00; 3. J Brand Lovestory Bell in Aspen, $179.00; 4. J. Brand “Ridgid” high rise short, $154.00; 5. Steve Madden “Astroid” wedege bootie, $128.00