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Asos asked a group of US style bloggers how we Stay Hot When its Not? Today I am excited to be featured on the Asos homepage with some of my favorite bloggers from around the US!

One of my oldest blog friends, Karen (check us out on the day we met!), represents New York. Karen has been at the beach for a few months now so when you look at her blog, be prepared for jealousy. You will also love Jacey, a Los Angeles lifestyle blogger. Jacey is just as kind and beautiful as she comes across in her blog. Click here to see some highlights from her wedding and her adorable dogs! Krystal represents San Francisco and she is always wearing at least one thing that I covet. A Google employee- she is one of the most fashionable techies in SF.

Here is my take on Staying Hot When its Not:

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See my entire look here.