Generally, we do not go through the effort of signing into websites as a “member.” We can’t even remember our own e-mail password, much less one for every site we like.

Today, we made an exception. We became a shopbop.com member.

As a teen, and even until this day, we cut up fashion magazines and made fashion diaries to keep up with the looks we loved and hoped to one day buy.

It got a little disorganized…

If you sign in on shopbop.com, there are no long forms to fill out- just your name, email, and a password. You immediately get access to “My Loves” and whenever you see an item you like, you can just click to illuminate the heart and the website will organize EVERYTHING for you! No more leaving items in your cart or trying to remember which pieces you liked to come back to. It is all in My Loves and it is all categorized- including which items have gone on SALE!

Check out our favorite SALE handbags above.

Totally worth it. An organized life is a happy life.