Like every girl, I snip and clip magazines when I come across a look I like. Before I ever met Bradley, she was on my inspiration board wearing this exact skirt with a leather jacket and black opaque tights- that was at least a year ago. Not shocking that Bradley was ahead of the rest of us on a trend.

Top: I love to mix high and low pieces. This outfit is a great example of that. Zara top + Proenza skirt. You’ll never see me in a head-to-toe look from one designer. I’m all about mixing.

Skirt: It is Proenza Schouler- I got it from 4510.This might be my favorite thing in my closet. It’s definitely not an everyday piece, but I adore it. I love its vibrant color! It’s just such a happy skirt! Perfect for a party.

Bling: I found this bracelet in a teeny tiny vintage store in NYC. It was one of those stores where you really have to dig (I love stores like that). There are all sorts of little treasure lurking in there.

Heels: Party shoes for sure! These Louboutins are actually on loan from my mother. I’ve had them for a little longer than planned. I am sure when she reads this story, she’s going to want them back. Haha!

Check back next Tuesday for Bradley’s final look!

Head over to her blog to see more fashionable selections.

  • Annie & Elizabeth

    What a fabulous outfit + interior! The barcart is amazing & I am seriously obsessed with that skirt. Great guest post =) xoxo

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