DIY Playset Reveal

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We are SO excited that our sweet little playset is finally complete. A few months back I started seeing adorable playsets everywhere and so I had to get one of my own. I have not stopped dreaming of having one in the backyard for the kids, and I am thrilled that it is now a reality. The kids have loved every second of it, and Baxter and I have enjoyed getting to be outside with them in the backyard.


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We first decided where the playset would go in the backyard.

Image 2

Playset has arrived! Now time to customize.

Image 3

We decided to go with a white house. Exact paint color listed below.

Image 4

It was so exciting watching this idea come to life.

Image 5

Close up of the side bar.

Image 6

Birdie and Boyce could not wait for everything to be finished.
Love these adorble little chairs.

Image 7

Adding all of the little details.
Image 8
Love this sweet picnic table.
Image 9
All done!


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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Did you build the playset yourself?
    • No, our playset came with installation, but even if it had not, we would have had someone come install it. FYI: The build time on our playset was 18 hourse. KidKraft has a suggested vendors list for cities all over the US so you can reach out to them for recommendations in your area.
  • Who should we have install our playset?
    • KidKraft suggested that we use J&J in Dallas and that we ask for Jill.
      • 1 (281) 758 – 9049
  • Did you paint this yourself?
    • No, we hired a painter. He was able to complete the process very quickly; he sprayed.
  • What color did you use to paint the playset?
    • We used Benjamin Moore Simple White OC-117 on the inside and outside of the entire playset, including all railings, climbing knobs, window frames, etc.


What else do I need to know?

Slides: Our 2.5 year old loves the front (straight slide) but is scared of the tube slide (too dark? too steep?). I also hear that the tube slides get hot (we are in Texas). Im sure the kids will love it when they are older, but for now, they just like the straight slide, so if you are considering which playset to get for young children, you can probably get away with a single-slide set.

Swings: the set came with three swings, which will be great for our family to grow into. For now, we have a 2.5 year old and a 15 month old so we swapped two of the swings out for white wooden baby swings. We have a third baby due this fall so we will likely add a third baby swing to the set when she arrives. The wooden swings we used add a much more custom, romantic look.


Extras: We installed a 12 inch “bar” top in each of the large window openings on the bottom floor. The inside of the playhouse is small and so a table would take up the entire floorspace. By installing a bar top on each side, we were able to set in a chair on each side, giving two children their own play space. To me, adding this is a non-negotiable- without it, there is much less for the kids to do inside of the playset.


Picnic table: Our set came with a picnic table, which is so cool! The table came with an oversized plastic yellow tic-tac-toe on the side and we chose not to install that part. I didn’t think the kids would use it and the bright yellow plastic was not the same style I was trying to achieve.



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