DIY Painted Jean Jacket

DIY_NotMyFristRodeo_Jacket_3 DIY_NotMyFirstRodeo_JacketDIY_NotMyFirstRodeo_Jacket2BirdieSecondRodeo_16

For Birdie’s Second Rodeo, I wanted her to have a jacket that said “Not My First Rodeo” but I couldn’t find one! I found a few patches but didn’t find anything that would fit Birdie’s jacket size or that would be custom made in time for her party. So I decided to DIY her jacket instead! I still had all of my painting supplies from when I painted my Monogram Straw Tote and made my own ‘stencil’ using Keynote.

First, I found the font that I wanted to use for her jacket and the rest of her party (I even made a homemade banner in keynote as well – it was super easy!).  Once I had the size I wanted, I printed everything out on thick card stock so that it would be easier to trace. Then I cut out each letter by hand (this is the most time consuming part), laid the letters out, and pinned them in place. I used a sharpie pen to outline the letters and then carefully painted the inside with white acrylic paint. It was as easy as that! And it turned out SO cute. I kind of want one for myself now..



DIY Your own jean jacket!

  • Cathy Williamson

    This is the cutest thing ever!!! I hope the party was a success!!! One question…how in the heck do you find the time????? Have a great day, sweet girl! xx

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