DIY Monogram Straw Tote

DIY Monogram Tote_Venzedits


Who else has fallen in love with the monogram straw french totes? I immediately became obsessed and had to have one. The only thing – I really didn’t want to pay $200 for one. So I decided to DIY my own.

Yes there was that minute of “hmm can I do this?” but I have always been crafty so I went for it (and thank goodness I have a naturally steady hand). After buying my plain tote (I actually found mine at L’Occitane in the mall but you can find a similar one here), I went over to Michael’s to buy my supplies. I found that the best paint to use was Satin Acrylic as it has the ability to flex on the straw. I also decided to go with Martha Stewart’s stenciled letters, because even though I could probably free hand it, I really wanted Martha’s support 🙂

This all became very therapeutic for me – I was able to take some downtime and pour my creative energy into something that (thankfully) turned out fabulous. Overall it took me about 3 hours to do. If you are crafty and like to DIY, give it a try! Not so much? You can buy yours here.

FINAL Monogram.005

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