A few weeks ago I visited Grange Hall in Dallas. The small store is full of highly unique home and personal accessories- the kind of place where every item is truly a jewel.

I found myself obsessing over one item in particular- a painted cow scull that had been adorned with brass screws- a kind of Parisian nod to Dia de los Muertos called Cranatomy. Price tag: about $5,000.

Since I do not currently have the extra cash, I decided to make it. You can too! Here is how:

Ingredients: Faux Scull; Navy and White Spraypaint; Tulle Ribbon; Scissors

Step 1: Paint the entire scull navy.

Step 2: Wrap the scull in tulle ribbon so that every surface of the scull is covered.

Step 3: Paint the entire scull white. *Use sparingly in certain areas to create an ombre look.

Step 4: Remove the tulle.

Step 5: (Optional) screw brass screws into the scull.

  • Nina

    Love this DIY – so quirky and fun! xx

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