How to Decorate Your Kid’s Play Tent

A kid tent is a great way to incorporate a kid’s space without taking away from your current design aesthetic. And the kids LOVE it. Birdie like to take her books into her tent, pull me with her and “read” all night.

My best advice when choosing a tent is to go with a neutral color. I went with white so that I can update the accessories throughout the years. Right now, it is Birdie’s tent (with this flamingo pillow and this crown pillow) but I am sure once Boyce gets a little older, it may need to become more gender neutral. Another must have are big bins to “hide” toys. They instantly de-clutter and can even be personalized.

I filled the tent with sheepskin rugs that create a cozy atmosphere and also double as a falling hazard. Our floors are marble so it really helps to break their fall. Banners are a fun way to change the theme and would be a great way to decorate it differently during the holidays. Birdie’s tent was even made a focal point “reading tent” at her 1st Birthday party!


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