13 Coffee Table Books You Need Now

Before quarantine began, rewardStyle expanded onto the a second floor of our high rise building. With less than a week to enjoy the new space before work from home began, we left it in need of some fluffing. Both at home and at the office, I like to decorate tabletops with books; they are like small pieces of art to me. Here are a few of the books that are in our new space, all are under $100.


I also picked up two art books, one on interior design and the other on the history of paintings. Marfa Modern provides a glimpse at creative life and design in one of the art world’s most intriguing destinations. Painting Beyond Pollock discusses the history of European and American painting from the mid‐20th century onwards.


These are the three fashion designer books I ordered. Dior Catwalk features the collections over the past 70 years and through seven creative directors. Prada Catwalk celebrates 30 years of trendsetting creations and the history of the house. Tom Ford is one of fashion’s greatest icons, so it was a no brainer I had to purchase this one- I already have it at home and it stacks so well:)


These are two fascinating books on architecture that grabbed my attention on Amazon. Calatrava discusses Santiago Calatrava, a world-renowned architect, structural engineer, sculptor, and artist. AD at 100 gives a rich visual history of Architectural Digest for their 100th birthday.


These four books offer beautiful imagery on the scenery in each of these locations. Los Angeles gives a brief insight into the city’s cultural, political, industrial, and sociological history. Athens is about a charming string of coastal neighborhoods that create the serene escape from the constant activity in the city’s center. Poolside with Slim Aarons offers images of jet-setters and the wealthy, of beautiful, glittering people living the glamorous life. Eat Drink Nap gives a glimpse into how the SOHO house perfected the art of entertaining.


The International Space Station has always held a certain level of fascination in mind. National Aeronautics and Space Administration Graphics Standards Manual is all about a futuristic vision for an agency at the cutting edge of science and exploration. The NASA Archives divulges into the last 60 years in space and with the US now having a space force, it felt timely.

If you’re in need of decor books, check out the ones I’ve linked below. Also, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and also in the LIKEtoKNOW.it app. Happy Shopping!